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New website Pergotech

Pergotech new trade mark

Tendatech has registered Pergotech as its own trade mark, representing the expertise and competence acquired in the making and assembling of motor sun shades and outdoor roof covers.

In cooperation with Pratic dei F.lli Orioli S.p.A, leader in the production of such items, Tendatech has completed significant works with motor pergolae and outdoor sun shades, some of which have also been published on international Architecture magazines.

A dedicated website to come soon.

Tendatech specializes in Terrace roofs and garden sun cover

Together with Pratic Srl, Tendatech has become an expert in supplying and installing terrace and garden roofs for your luxury outdoor spaces.

Tendatech is part of Assites

Since 2011 Tendatech is Assites associated, the Associazione Italiana Tende, Schermature Solari e Chiusure Tecniche Oscuranti.

Assites is the major reference agency in the field of blinds, curtains and sun shades in Italy, supplying its associates with technical expertise and legal consultancy and support.

Members of the association also bring their professionalism and preparation, contributing to a sense of culture awareness in their sector and enhancing relationship and cooperation among themselves.

Textiles Fair in Brussels MoOD

Meet only Original Design is the revamped fair of textiles that happens every year in Brussels.

Tendatech visited the fair in September within its continuous activity of research and anticipation of Trends in fabrics, materials and colours, in order to maintain an always up-to-date collection and technology.

During the fair, Tendatech was selected for an interview on how to improve and organize future editions of the fair itself and was awarded the exclusive prize book Trends 2010-2011: to be studied for sure!