Galleria Realizzazioni Tende per Interni e per Esterni

  • Roller blinds for glass facade

    Tende per Esterni e Pergole

    Tende esterne schermanti, isolanti e oscuranti, tende a rullo da esterno, tende motorizzate esterne, pergole motorizzate.

    Exterior blinds and curtains in screening materials, roller blinds, motor blinds for exterior.

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    Last updated: Fri, 29/10/2010 - 16:09


Have a look at the new Projects Gallery of Tendatech's works. Exclusive cooperation with Svensson Markspelle in Partners.

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Recent projects

Tendatech's recent projects at the Victoria Regeneration SPA & Wellness Centre in Rome and at the Grand Hotel Europe in Innsbruck.

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Case History

Medical Centre S. Apollonia, Fondi.
Bioclimatic building with rolling blinds on the glass façade.

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